Raya Tueny

Cut Up Djellaba

Customize the traditional djellaba into your fashionable tunique

This item is a kit, where you get a white arabic djelaba and a pair of scissors. What do you need to do then? Just start cutting, and express your own style through that traditional clothing.


Cut-up-Djellaba - The process Raya Tueny

The Cut Up Djellaba is a traditional item becomes, with your creativity, a modern fashionable, personalized clothe.
It is a fast, spontaneous action that will create the best result. On the back of the item, you will find some suggestions, as inspirations for its best use: you could cut your Djellaba, depending on the style you expect (Elegant, Cute, Sexy for example), and add other elements of yours, such as belts. You could go as far as you want in your customization, adding words, images, necklaces, and it's up to you to find the best combinations!