Staff newsletter 22/4

Wednesday 22 April

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


The opening of our new project Casting Doubts Twijfel Zaaien coincides with the Vrijheidsmaal of Dijksgracht on 5 May. The project is a continuation of Jasmin Moeller’s De Realiteit van Theorie. Inspired by, rather than based on, ‘De Mythe van het Kunstenaarschap’ by Camiel van Winkel, Moeller came together with Masha Ru and formulated 30 questions that will identify which ‘artisthood’ you belong to. By answering the questions, seeds of different plants will be sown into the new stadspark, which would soon become a botanical infographics.


augmented_reality_bloemenroute -


Bevrijdingsdag, that is Liberation Day is celebrated each year on 5 May to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. There will be a lot of celebration throughout the city, but unfortunately we would need to work! Apart from the opening of Casting Doubts, there is also a freedom dinner here at Dijksgracht. There should be a lot of fun here at Mediamatic!


The first ever Pis’talk will take place next Thursday 30 April. It is the first of the bi-monthly series of talks exploring the subject matter urine in a broad cultural and contextual sense. Expect to hear about the history of urban sanitation, urine as a material, as well as it being a source of nutrients and water for contemporary societies. Want to join? Please email Rosa.


Again, tomorrow there is another oyster mushroom cultivation workshop. Surely most people in Mediamatic already heard about it many times, but anyway, a little bit of explanation: it is a very informative workshop where participants would learn about how to grow their own oyster mushrooms using straws or coffee waste.


Do you know Photographer Ruud van der Peijl whom we are preparing for a large scale Retrospective for? We are currently looking for his lookalikes. Do you look like him? Do you know somebody who looks like him? For more details, please refer to the ad.


Portrait of Ruud van der Peijl -

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