Anna Pedersen

Extra Kak #3

The colorful bad boy of Dutch fashion takes on human waste

In Bas Kosters' fanzine/magazine/anti-magazine Extra Kak you find content like that of no other publication. Between women pissing on Lionel Richie (hello, is it pee you're looking for?) and graphic depictions of urination, the reader is likewise introduced to the new, comical duo of Peepoo the Clown and Turdy, his trusty sidekick.


Extra Kak - Issue #3, p. 6-7 - Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters has created an environment surrounding his work encompassing both design, imagery, music, graphics and lifestyle. He is the creative mind behind the Bas Kosters Studio, from which he presents fashion collections and other fashion related activities.
His publication, Extra Kak, is one of these activities and is the obscure brand magazine extraordinaire of the Bas Kosters Studio.

The "piss and shit"-edition of the magazine was released in June 2012 and is the third issue of the magazine. The issue is riddled with humorous illustrations and graphic collages depicting urine, feces and various genitalia. The issue is also the introduction of comical newcomers Peepoo the Clown and Turdy, his sidekick. It also contains a very well-endowed centerfold collage and the feature "DJ's in their underpants", which both are reoccurring elements in the magazine.

About his peculiar and particular aesthetic choices Bas Kosters himself says:
"I can explain almost everything about my work, but there are a few things I have trouble pinpointing- and one of those things is the attraction to nudity and sexuality, but also to the making of dolls, which is something I can't really make out. I certainly tried, but sometimes it's nice, when things can't be explained. So it plays a big part, and I think it also has to do with the social associations and also impact of the image of nude and sexuality. But also a sort of freedom that comes from that."


Peepoo the Clown - Cartoon character by Bas Kosters Bas Kosters

Besides winning several national prices, Bas Kosters is known for his innovative collaborations with companies like Bugaboo, Heineken and Zeeman. He not only developes ready to wear collections and haute couture pieces, he also illustrates, designs, DJ’s and does performances.