Slow Dating with Jorge Villacorta

Lunch with the renowned curator/geneticist from Peru

14 Dec 2009

Over 40 people had lunch with Jorge Villacorta and heard him speak on the subject of the particularities of cultural spaces in the Andes.

Jorge Villacorta discussed the following (in his words): “The cultural map of South America after the end of colonial rule changed under the influence of contact with the rest of the world. Countries on the Atlantic created powerful links with Europe and contemporary art benefited from the contact with the artistic scenes of different European capitals. The Andes acted as a dividing line where communication with artistic centers was difficult and less frequent. These countries tended to develop their own isolated scenes, in midst of political and social turmoil. In the 21st Century the barriers have been lowered and the particularities of these spaces have become apparent and attractive.”


Lima, Peru - Jans Possel

The Prince Claus Fund and Mediamatic invited Jorge Villacorta to speak about his work which combines art and curatorship with science and new media. He was interviewed by Xander Karskens, curator at De Hallen, Haarlem, followed by an informal lunch where guests could have a chat with Jorge.

Jorge Villacorta is a Peruvian geneticist, art critic and independent curator, whose strong interest in contemporary visual art has developed parallel to his scientific work. He is co-founder and academic director of ATA. He lives in Lima and is currently working in the Tissue Bank, Institute of Child Health.


Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA) is a cultural non-governmental, nonprofit organisation, founded with the aim of contributing to the development of new culture based on the use and expansion of electronic media in Peru and Latin America. ATA has started Escuelab, a 11-month advanced residence programme for Latin American artists from the Andean and Central American regions. ATA is a network partner of the Prince Claus Fund.

Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund actively seeks international cultural collaborations with partners of excellence in spaces of need. The Prince Claus Fund provides immediate cultural rescue as well as support to sustainable cultural processes. It takes initiatives to raise awareness on the importance of culture in everyday life and for development. The Fund works in the spirit of Prince Claus’ belief that one cannot develop people, but people develop themselves. The Prince Claus Fund is based in Amsterdam and is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Postcode Lottery.