Staff newsletter 26/8

Wednesday 26 august

Here's the weekly staff newsletter, this time about the opening weekend 11 - 12 - 13 september so you get an idea what is about to happen...


Co-working at the Biotoop - Balcony view of our Co-Working space at Mediamatic Biotoop. Overlooking the water, Nemo and the soon to be opened restaurant.


Today Marko joined us, he is going to take over the office management from Faye, starting 1 september. You also might see Peter walking around, he is a handyman and will help with all different kinds of tasks. Welcome!


As from now on EVERYONE has to be in the office EVERYDAY before 9.30!

It's very windy! So please don't sit in front of the doors of the green house, they have no hardened glass. If you see a door open, please close it carefully.


As you all know we are working very hard towards the opening 11 - 12 -13 september. It is important you all know about the projects that are going on, so here is the program overview!

Friday 11 september

This evening (from 17.oo on) we will open the new installed artworks by Kamiel Rongen, Zeger Reyers, Teun Castelein and continue Twijfel Zaaien by Jasmin Mueller and Masha Ru.

Kamiel Rongen is making a new video installation for the facade which is part of the Pisproject. The video's (with sound) will be shown in the five windows, underneath there will be 5 urinals. A true pisexperience. The plan is to collect the urine and make it into a fertilizer. If you want to know more you can ask Sara and Karly, or read the blogpost Karly wrote.


Close-up from a video installation made with Piss by Kamiel Rongen - Audio Visual Artist Kamiel Rongen is creating a special installation for the facade of Mediamatic. Opening 11 September. Kamiel Rongen

Zeger Reyers is now, together with Nandi, installing his work in the green house/restaurant. The work will be 'growing' inside and outside on the brick wall and there will be grass growing on the plates. It's going to look spectacular! If you want to know more, come and say hi to Zeger downstairs.


Close-up of Hard Water by Zeger Reyers - Sculpture by Zeger Reyers Zeger Reyers

Teun Castelein is the artist of Rederij Lampe Dusa (the boat outside). This art project is going to be launched during our opening and the Mediamatic team had already the chance last friday to make one of the very firsts boat trips which was FYI super nice! If someone asks about this project send them to Willem or Rosalie!

Raising Doubts by Jasmin Mueller and Masha Ru is in full swing! The plants are growing really well thanks to Mirelle, Anna, Sara, Isabelle, Thijmen and of course Sebb. During the opening the audience is welcome to plant even more seeds.

Aaaand there will be drinks of course! Copperhead Gin is going to serve some free cocktails. Aaaand there will be music of course! So invite all your friends and make it a great party.

Saturday 12 september

This will be the official opening of the Dijkspark and is a joint event with Barco, Hannekes BOOM, Klimmuur & Shaffy's Tuin. Around 16.00 there will hopefully be a city counsel member to open the park officially.

What is Mediamatic doing? Lots! Aquaponics tours, general Dijkspark tours, grow your own mycelium workshop, Bierberaad, showing all the new art installations and live music until 23.30...

The music is provided by a traveling festival called Festisvall Fünf. Check the artists at Soundcloud: Samaris, Berndsen, Good Moon Deer, M-band

Sunday 13 september

Sunday is all about fermented food: Zuur. There will be a market in front of the Black Barn and the street from 13.00 - 18.30. Leslie Dronkers is helping us inviting cheesemakers, pickle makers, yoghurtmakers and everyone else doing something with fermented food. There will be a Zuursalon as well where we can listen to professionals explaining their 'zuur' processes. Questions about Zuur can be directed to Faye.


Visitors at Fermentology! market 2 - Malcolm Kratz

So, now you have an idea about the program, if you want to know more ask Rosalie, Rosa or Anne

Have a good week!

If you feel like contributing something to the weekly newsletter, contact Rosalie!