'After Bretton'

22 Oct 2015
3 Dec 2015

An Exhibition Curated by Cristina Lucas


after bretton afbeelding -

The 1944 Bretton Woods Conference changed the world. It saw the introduction of a system of fixed exchange rates, in which only the US dollar was linked to a specific amount of gold. The After Bretton exhibition curated by Spanish artist Cristina Lucas (1973) refers to this conference and to the increasing abstractness of economic processes.

Lucas is one of the three artists who were invited by DNB's Art Committee for an exclusive visit to the gold vaults of De Nederlandsche Bank on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. This visit inspired her to create the work DNB Gold Vaults 2015, a series of six photographs showing how our precious metals-based economy is lying there on the shelves in the vault, shining and ungraspable.

She invited five artists of international renown to take part in the exhibition: Christian Jankowski, João Onofre, Wilfredo Prieto, Fernando Sánchez Castillo and Nedko Solakov. Their works also allude to the interfaces of art and economics