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opening commandantsbrug -

Staff, new colleagues!

There are a lot of new faces in the office! Megan and Kadira started last week. Megan is going to do the communications for the clean lab, Kadira is helping Edwin with the finance. Hugo is the new mycelium brewery intern. Rebekka is researching and communicating the bio shop.

If you haven't introduce yourself yet; say hi!

Opening restaurant

The restaurant will open mid-february. The first two weeks will be try-outs. Staff gets a discount price for dinner!

Beer brewing workshop

If you would like to join the beer brewing workshop coming Saturday, sign up here.

New bridge to Mediamatic

The bridge 'commandantsbrug' is officially openend! Please note it is a temporary bridge and not always accessible. From January 22 till February 6, April 10 - 24th, and May 29 till June 3, there are Europian Union meetings on the Marine Terrein, and therefore security measures. The bridge could be temporary closed.

Bar Updates

Please pay attention to the following things if you have a bar shift:
- Sweeping the floor needs to be done every night
- Hospitality; smile + say hello + be friendly and open
- Nobody is allowed behind the bar when you are not working a shift
- Communicate with each other, look on stager who is working the next shift and e-mail -things that he/she needs to know.
- Make sure door to the scullery/storage room for the bar closed at all times!!
- Please note that the washing machine and dryer cannot be used at the same time.
- Kamiel made a hand-out for working at the bar please read it so you know what to do at all times > like how to make GT’s

If you feel like contributing something to the weekly newsletter, contact Brigitte or Rosalie!