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25-08-2007 the first Arabic chocoladeletter - El HEMA

The first, publicly accessible FabLab of the Netherlands will open on Saturday 25 August at Mediamatic. The FabLab is a public workshop where ordinary people with digitally controlled machines can turn ideas into tangible products. The first Dutch FabLab will be used for the EL HEMA design competition.

The Fablab is an intensive collaboration between the foundation, the Waag Society and Mediamatic. The NRC wrote an article about this special day. In other media it was written that the first Fablab was at the Waag, but that's not true, we had opened the first Fablab.

Regarding the Arabic chocolate letter, there is also something interesting to report. The Hema later also started to make and sell the Arabic chocolate letter, although at first we were threatened with a lawyer. Mediamatic never received formal recognition for this.