El Hema Design Competition

Have a look at the 110 entries, the 30 nominees and the prize winners

El HEMA needs products. Wonderful, functional, simple, beautiful products.

Mediamatic only had 3 months to make El HEMA. So we're sure that there are still many exellent ideas out there.

On 3 November 2007 the winners were announced. Have a look at all submissions, nominees and the winners.


Waël and Maria from Beirut - Two of the five young arab designers that specially came to Amsterdam to work on El HEMA Marieke Bijster

El Hema Design Competition

Send us your ideas for El HEMA products, or come and show them to us. If you already have developed a product or idea that needs to be in El Hema, submit it here! The competition is about exciting, surprising products in a contemporary environment.

How to submit your project

All the design submissions will be done on the website. To be able to submit a project, you will first need to register for the Mediamatic.net site. Click the button register in the menu at the top of this page. After registering and logging in, you can click on the the green button above +describe your El Hema product here... to start describing your project.

Do not forget to click the green button +submit to the El HEMA design competion when you are done describing your project!


Every two weeks the best ideas will be nominated to be included in the exhibition. All entries are published on this website. The final deadline is October 25th, 24:00.

On November 3rd, El Hema will be completely finished. Then, during Museumnacht, the festive award ceremony will take place. Rene Repko, the marketing director of the real Hema, will be a member of the jury. The first prize is a 4 week language course in Damascus, where the most beautiful Arabic is spoken.

All contributed ideas and designs will remain property of he who submitted them.

Further information

Read more about the rules of the El HEMA design competion.
And have a look at the FAQ to help you out.