Visible Cities #03: urban gaming

7 Apr 2010
7 Apr 2010

The widespread employment and adoption of ubiquitous computing, sensor networks and mobile media into the urban environment have unforeseen implications for how our cultures might come to use networked digital resources to change the way we understand, build, and inhabit cities. Visible Cities presents a revolving programme on how emerging technologies are changing the cities we live in.


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In this month's edition we will look into the rise of urban gaming, that brings videogame-type experiences to real-world settings. "Some urban games use gadgets - GPS-enabled phones and digital cameras being regular elements; some are purely tech-free. But they all borrow concepts of interactivity, co-operation and navigation from computer games. " (The Guardian). The three speakers will walk us through the playing field, zooming in on best practices and elaborating on personal experiences.

The mission of VURB is to investigate the consequences of the convergence of ubiquitous computing onto public, urban spaces. We are now entering an era where technology begins to weave together the desires of citizens and the services available to them in their environment in realtime. But what does the use of these new systems look like? Visible Cities tries to find the answers.


De Verdieping is the cultural project space underneath club and restaurant TrouwAmsterdam.

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