Ronald Siebes

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Scientist, Software developer and project initiator.

After my propaedeuse in Physics, I've finished my master in Artificial Intelligence.
After that, I got my Ph.D. on scalable semantic search algorithms via Peer-to-Peer technology.
My post-doc work is in the domain of cultural heritage, Television content, social networks and politics, where Semantic Web research is applied to gain better search results and better recommendations.

Two observations:

- The success of online social networks indicates that many people are able and willing to share information with other people on a regular basis.

- The success of WikiPedia indicates that many knowledgable people are willing and able to share a wide variety of detailed information online, for free.

A thought:

- What if we combine these two observations to improve our democracy?
We could get advise from the contacts in our social network about topics where we are less knowledgable. Take health care as an example. I don't know much about that topic, so I'm not able to choose a politician that would be my best choice. My friend is a medical doctor, and is willing to help me with this selection.

Please check: for more inforation that elaborates on this idea.