Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

Dishwashers: Ecowash C44 and Rhima D-49

The kitchen and bar dishwashers

The washing and rinsing agents are automatically dosed bij a system that sucks liquids from jerrycans. This system is installed by

Groveko b.v. Maxwellstraat 49, 6716 BX Ede, 

Henk Weijand, Service Manager, Mobiel: +31 6 82 907 093

Do we also buy the washing and rinsing liquid from them?



IMG_8658 -

The dishwasher is checked twice by Dennis the handyman because a knife and a spoon where stuck inside the machine.

Log of Events


2016 Machine fixed by Dennis handyman
2016 dosage system installed by Groveco
jan '17 Installed original filter and stand pipe
june '17 Dennis fixed machine again after spoon got stuck in pump