Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

Alarm installations

And how to close if your last

We have an alarming installation contract with Intersafe
Contact Person: Michael Bastiaens
Phone Intersafe: 0206868080
Adress: Nieuwpoortkade 27
Postalcode: 1055 RX Amsterdam

Closing Biotoop Dijksgracht

Make sure you have:

- an alarmcode
- a gatekey

1. Turn off all the lights in the office except for the one that says ‘leave on‘.

2. Close the computersafe (locker-key) and close the room of the safe (silver key on host stick)

3. Check all the doors and windows if they are properly closed

4. Check if the sheds are locked (green shed: key with red label ‘ Groene Schuur’, black shed: blue key on hoststick, bike shed: gate key)

5. Put the keys back into the key locker

6. Press the first symbol which says ‘deur gesloten’ button next to the glass entrance door

7. Enable the alarm with your code

8. Press the switch to open the door once

9. Leave the building and lock the car gate and small gate.

Problems with the alarm:

If you have any problems with the alarm:
If it keeps beeping and won't activate the alarm --> press the button to the right. When it says 'Room ...', there is a problem in that room. (Map with numbers of the rooms will follow) Check if the door is closed properly of that room and try again.
If this is not working, call Anne (0611622545). She will call the alarm company for you.

Following a list of the alarm detectors locations. See map below for the location of the rooms.

- Ground Floor: 
Alarm 1001: (hallway kitchen)

Alarm 1002: (server space) 

Alarm 1003: (tool storage) 

Alarm 1004: (downstairs office) 

Alarm 1005: (mycelium storage) 

Alarm 1006: (meter cupboard)

Alarm 1007: (entrance) 

Alarm 1008: (kitchen) 

- Greennest Gallery
Alarm 1022: (greennest trainside)

Alarm 1023: (greennest shedside)

Alarm 1024: (greennest shedside) 

Alarm 1025: (greennest waterside)

- Portocabin First Floor (Rented Office) 

Alarm 1026: (small office shed side)

Alarm 1027: (big office shed side) 

Alarm 1028: (office train side)

- Mediamatic First Floor

Alarm 1031: (main office) 

Alarm 1032: (hallway first floor) 

- Second Floor (residents) 

Alarm 1036: (bedroom train side) 

Alarm 1033 + Alarm 1037: (big office water side) 

Alarm 1036: (bedroom train side)

Alarm 1038: (bedroom)