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PVC Foil

thick and thin

Things you need to know about PVC foil and where to get it


PVC Foil -

There is still a large amount of PVC foil left from setting up the clean lab – both from the wide, thin one as well as from the narrow, thick one.
It is currently (July 2019) stored at the Clean Lab, in the large orange-blue shelves of the backwards room. You'll find it on the lowest shelf at the very left side; stored in two seperate cardboard boxes.


PVC folio order voor de wanden van de cleanroom:
Artikelcode: TFVENT30C1370
Omschrijving: VENTANA SC (050)030/1370
Aantal: 50
Eenh.: M1
Dikte 0,3mm
Prijs: 3,05
Per: M2
Totaal: €208,93 (ex. BTW & Transport)
Transportkosten: €50,00

Bedrijf: Perfect Foil
Contactpersoon: Paul Bedaf
mail: perfect
Tel.: +31416650050

PVC Stroken Gordijnen voor de ingang van de cleanroom in de bank:
Artikelnr: 491002002
Rollengte: 50 m
Kleur: transparant
breedte: 200mm
dikte: 2mm
prijs per rol: €119,00