Lina Issa

performance and video artist


Where We Are Not - Where We Are Not video- part of the reading/ performance

Lina Issa (Lebanon, 1981) is an artist currently based in Amsterdam. Prior to the Piet Zwart Institute she studied graphic design at the American University of Beirut (1998-2002) and Fine Art at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (2003-2005).

She is currently working with platform Zina- an art and Culture platform based in De Balie, Amsterdam. Zina develops artistic projects and presentations in different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, mainly on the themes of (im)migration and integration.

The first presentation of this work will be in Tam Tam festival in the Amsterdams Schouwburg, on May the 3rd 2009. And in June in the neighborhood of Zeeburg where Zina is currently active.

Recent projects and presentations include:

- Oriental dance and its expression, workshops at the theatre school, Amsterdam (2008-09)

- Journalism into The Intimate, project for the DASARTS participants in the frame of the block “Who is I?” by Titus Muizelaar, Amsterdam (2008)

- Resonant Bodies, Voices, Memories, publication and screening program, Rotterdam (2008)

- Onvoorwaardelijk: over moeders en dochters, video, platform Zina, Amsterdam (2008)

- Where We Are Not, reading/performance in collaboration with Aitana Cordero, Amsterdam (2008), London, Paris (2007)-Rotterdam (2006)

- Over Het IJ Festival, ’A ticket to a place that became a person…’, location theater, Amsterdam (2006)

- Ethics and Manipulation in performance work, talk, SNDO, Amsterdam (2006)

- Still Still in The City: explorations behind closed eyes, a public intervention in collaboration with Fanni Futterknecht, Rotterdam (2005)

- Shifting Identities: anecdotes, a lecture for Buro #4 Emigree, Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht (2005)

- Report on Body 2: a body of memory, workshop, TENT/ Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2005)

- Report On Body, workshop, theatre department of the American University, Beirut (2005)

- Why Marco Polo can never be a citizen?, text in Production of Public and Private Spheres, a supplement to Pages #4 (2005)