Piero Golia


Piero My Idol, by Piero Golia - Taken from undo.net

Piero Golia endeavours through his actions and installations to build his own legend – not surprisingly for someone whose name means "Goliath".

Through persuasion, artfulness, seduction, humour, even irony, and candour, his work explores the functioning and the mechanisms of the art world, cultivating a great immediacy while unabashedly seeking out the greatest audience. Therefore his works are as much talked about as they are looked at. Between "folie des grandeurs" et "folie douce" he stages his aspiration to posterity in a way that is at once spectacular and derisory.
Golia is best known for a performance-and-photography piece in which he convinced a girl he had met on the street to get a large tattoo of his face on her back with “Piero My Idol” printed beneath it.
He is represented by Galeria Fonti in Napoli and has shown at the Bortolami Gallery and the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York City.

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