Diana Marrone


Me waiting for a new Eve (between 2006 and 2007). - Me waiting for a new Eve (between 2006 and 2007). Naples, Vomero Hills, a climbing house at San Martino.

Diana Marrone, 1973, is journalist and p.r..
She is also a curator, a cultural negotiator and fundraiser.

After advanced International relation studies and different professional experiences, she initiated pressreleaseundercover - a media agency - while goes on with her activity of cultural planner.
As contributing editor she worked with De Agostini, IDG, Alias/Il Manifesto, Rodeo Magazine, undo.net, La Repubblica Napoli, Cultframe.com (contemporary art, cinema, fashion, society issues and nightlife reviews, economics, foreign affairs, telecom and IT reviews) and BBC Radio World Service.

She is founding member, pr and fundraiser of N.EST (www.napoliest.it), online art&architecture project and think-thank active in urban regeneration.