PhDO 2

A hands-on Network for Research in the Creative Sector

20 May 2011

On Friday May 20th, the second edition of PhDO will take place at De Waag. PhDO is an initiative of Waag Society and Arne Hendriks. Founding partners are NWO and IIP Create. You are kindly invited to join the second edition of PhDO.

During this edition researcher Johan Oomen and artist Yvonne Droge Wendel will present their PhD research. They will elaborate on practical matters like ideation, finding a doctoral supervisor, writing a proposal, financing and actually carrying out the research. Lora Aroyo, supervisor of Johan Oomen, will reflect on the process. Elske Gerritsen and Steven van Tesseling will explain the NWO programme PhD Research in the Arts. Via this programme, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and NWO make funds available for academic research by practicing artists.

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The first PhDO was inspiring and vivid. Many creators, designers, artists and decision makers in the creative sector feel the desire to add in-depth knowledge and tools to their professional experience. Linking practical, hands-on knowledge to scientific research is of great importance to improve the quality and impact of creative work. However, there are many hurdles between the desire and it’s actual implementation. PhDO addresses these and connects people with the same ambitions with people who are doing it.

PhDO consists of networking events: both for individuals in the creative sector, and for people working in research and development. The network aims to develop realistic insights in the process of preparing, applying, setting up & carrying out research in the Creative Sector. At the same time, it will provide a podium to present research results to a relevant audience.

Johan Oomen is head of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D Department and researcher at the VU University Amsterdam. He is mainly working on externally funded research projects that focus on providing access to digital heritage over networks. The R&D department is part of the Images for the Future project team, the largest digitisation project in Europe to date. In his PhD position at the VU University, he is working on the AGORA project, funded by NWO. Johan Oomen is member of the Webstroom expert group on the use of streaming media in higher education, funded by the SURF Foundation, and General Secretary of the international DIVERSE network. He is the author of the book Internet en het Nieuwe Leren: de toepassing van streaming media.

Yvonne Droge Wendel looks for challenging ways of relating to things. She sets up experimental encounters and captures what it is that objects actually do. Her original focus was familiar, everyday objects. In 1992 she married Wendel, a decorative cabinet, whose name she officially bears. Later she began to use objects that were more neutral in their significance, objects with fewer or with no readily identifiable characteristics. Active participation by the user is central to her recent work, creating objects and scenarios that await the meanings that they will acquire in the perception of the viewers. Furthermore she works on commissions for public space, and is Head of the Fine Arts department of the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy. December 2010 she started her promotion study at the University of Twente. She is one out of two artists in the Netherlands who, with the support of NWO and BKVB, can do an artistic research.

Lora Aroyo is the doctoral supervisor of Johan Oomen. She is assistant professor Intelligent Information Systems Web and Media at the department of Computer Science of the Free University of Amsterdam. Apart from that, she is scientific coordinator of the EU project NoTube and the NWO project CHIP. Furthermore, she is project leader of the VU INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab Initiative.

Elske Gerritsen is Senior Programme Officer at NWO, responsible for the PhD in the Arts programme. Formerly, she was responsible for the Co-Ops programme, fostering elaborate collaborations between artists and scientists. She has a background in art history and wrote a PhD thesis on architectural drawings in the 17th century at the University of Utrecht.

Steven van Tesseling is coordinator special and pilot projects at Fonds BKVB. He is a board member for W139, an Amsterdam-based exhibition and production space for contemporary art that is managed, run and staffed by artists. Furthermore he is board member for De Wittenplaats, an Amsterdam-based studio complex for 14 visual artists, designers, architects and theater performers. He has been a free-lance writer for several magazines on art and culture and is a collector for the Plancius Art Collection.