Philips CD-i, 1991

Game: Escape from CyberCity

The Philips Cd-i is an interactive multimedia CD player. Apart from games you could play audio CD's, picture CD's and, in combination with a video cartridge, video CD's (VCD). The CD-i featuring in the Arcade exhibition is a shop display unit. The CD-i you used to be able to buy in the stores looked quite like a DVD player.


Philips CD-i game console - CD-i console, also known as Green Book, was developed by Philips and Sony. Picture from wikipedia .

The CD-i was a massive commercial failure. Some of its games were absolutely horrible, where others have achieved a cult following. Escape from CyberCity is a VCD game. You're part of a real science fiction tale and have to fight the Guardians that are attacking Earth.

We would like to thank Bonami for the Philips Videopac on show in the Arcade exhibition.