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10 Reasons why I love you.

How the public is involved in creating our activities and is slowly becoming our colleague.

A talk at the "Kom je ook?" symposium on web2.0 for culture and heritage. 14 november 2008, Mediamatic at OBA Amsterdam. This is presentation is listing 10+ examples of successful public involvement from our current practice.

You meet each other on line and over lunch

The people you should meet are on your badge!

We use the meta information from your profile to other delegates with whom you have a lot in common. Their faces are printed on your conference badge. Use the lunch break to locate them and find out why you should know each other.

You play with your tag

ikTag for communities in Amsterdam and NL


ikTag - Evelyn Grooten

With: XPSBen

The little heart–shaped ikTags are RFID tags that are connected to your profile. You can use them to play outside and still connect to the community website.

You celebrate meeting



IkCam mess.jpg -

The ikCams outside in the foyer take group pictures that will be uploaded to your profile page immediately. They will connect all people in a picture to each other on the social network.

You exchange contact details

Friend–Drink station


friend drink station - picnic07 Marieke Bijster


Mediamatic Friend Drink Station - Daria Perevezentsev

You show your face

And me too

Participants make profile pages that offer an overview of their involvement in Mediamatic activities. The owner of the page decides who gets to see what.

You write your own history

Geheugenvanoost was the first anyStory site in 2003

With the Amsterdams Historisch Museum We had the chance to realise a dream: our first shared story site for collective history writing. After that we made many "geheugen" (memory) websites for loca communities. Other, not–so–local uses are developing too. For instance Open Archief / Kinderen van foute ouders.

You share your dreams and stories

Research dreams

This is another application of a standard anyStory site. A very basic and standardised anyMeta implementation. Also cool is Sociaal Verhaal, part of the social workers' professional education at the HVA. It greatly accelerates the learning process.

You're all over the place

Open–CI connects communities

Open–CI (Open Community Infrastructure) is a set of open standards and open–source tools that enables sharing between independent community websites. A user with an account on one site can participate and connect within a larger number of websites. Currently using Open–CI: Mediamatic. CCAA, Picnic, Museum de Paviljoens, NetwerkCS.

You co–make our projects

El HEMA design competition

During the El HEMA project we invited people to submit their own ideas for products. They were published directly on the website and a selection was incorporated in the show as image or prototype. The prize winners were acually produced and sold during the show.

You share your plans. Even when you're in competition.

Pitching plans for the cultural development of a park on the waterfront

In 2009 The city of Amsterdam will reclaim an old park on the IJrivers banks. The public proposals for the cultural development of that park were collected on a public website. tolhuistuin.mediamatic.nl. See also BiDnetwork; plans involving waste.

You're taking care of our books.

Distributed library started with some 200 librarians in the first weekend

In May 2008, Mediamatic gave away all it's books to the members of their website. Since then, we have 200 librarians that promised to take care of our books and keep them available to each other.

You help us index our archives

Love letter from Robert Browning

A transcription module that integrates in community websites. Developed with Denths Archief en Taskforce Archieven.

You're loving each other.

Adi, an indian designer dating on the Mediamatic site.

In 2008, we showed "Gastarbeider dating", a series of 7 exhibitions/social sculptures by non-EU immigrant artists to the Netherlands. As part of that project we launched an on line dating service that is now used by our constituency for mostly non–artistic purposes. (Aditya Pawar)

You like us

53 people like Kom je Ook?

to like something is to place it on your profile. It helps others to get to know you better and it is used to customise content for you.

You participate in our events

Kom je ook sold out!

311 registered participants for a room of 270...




Thank you for coming

I hope to see you soon!