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Odorama: Animal Smell - Peter Roessingh - Peter Roessingh shows how extremely well chemical communication can work. Anisa Xhomaqi

Peter Roessingh is an evolutionary Biologist and Sensory Physiologist working at the University of Amsterdam. His main interests are chemical communication and the evolution of sensory receptors, in particular the role that these receptors may play in the evolution of new species.


At Mediamatic he is connected to Odorama: The Aroma Lab Edition, in which he sets out in digestible terms the principles of gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and sensory physiology. These principles relate to the determination of odour composition, which is of crucial importance in our understanding of the influence of certain chemical structures of gasses on our physiology and the way we in fact experience scents. He also worked together with Klara Ravat, our one year artist-in-residence who researches the relationship between aromas and memories.

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