Iliana Metaxa

Research assistant / Writer


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Hi, my name is Iliana and I come from Athens. At Mediamatic, I am doing research for the Secretopia program which is centered around bodily secretions in art, design and science as well as other socially contested topics. I will be writing blog posts around these issues, hoping to share alternative perspectives and to destigmatize taboos through creating more open narratives. I am also writing for Beftival, Mediamatic's contribution to Museumnacht 2021 which is centered around exploring female pleasure.

My academic background is in literature, theater and culture and I am currently expanding my (academic and not only) pursuits by exploring the intersections amongst arts and culture, politics, space and lived experience, hence my doing a Master’s in Arts and Society at Utrecht University. I am interested in examining cultural and sociopolitical phenomena through the lens of critical theory and philosophy with a gravitation towards post-structuralist, postmodernist and feminist thinking. 

I am fascinated by cultural spaces and manifestations with an experimental character that promote alternative ways of learning, co-living, and enjoying oneself through meaningful but also playful engagement with artistic practices and happenings. I am happy to be involved in the realization of such cultural projects here at Mediamatic, whose experimental character and communal atmosphere inspires activities that are inclusive, conscious and challenging in nature. 

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