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About the Video Explanation:

The video file is on the Server (file01):

Kantoor -> 0-stichting -> 0-Tentoonstellingen -> 0-Rocket Stove

Online video file

The video will not be supported if the quality is higher than this file (360 x 640).

The SD card in the 7 inch screen cannot be bigger than 2GB, otherwise the file cannot be played.

When you turn on the 7 inch screen, go to MOVIES in the Menu and click the PLAY/PAUSE button. Then select the file and it will continue to play.


About the failsafe system:

It exist of a ETC-200 (Electrical temperature control unit) that is keeping close look on the water temperature running trough the pipes. If the water temperature exceeds 95ºC, the controller will openen a magnetic valve and lets hot water exit the radiators and the pressure in the system will drop. This will trigger cool tapwater to start flowing trough the inside of the stove. Now if the water temperature drops below 90ºC The Valve will close again automatically.  





Pressure and Magnetic valve -



On how to fire and operate the is made a video that needs to be added here:


Error checking:

What is wrong: To solve it:
A beeping sound from the temperature controller  Press a button to make it stop
The Water valve in the to right of the radiator is humming Unplug and replug the connector manually
The Water valve is making a very load vibrating sound and doesn't stop after replugging. If it doesn't stop, unplug the valve, and let the fire go out. Now clean the valve on the inside after closing the water and removing it from the radiator.
The pressure in the system is below 0,7 bar Check if there is an open connection to the tapwater
The pressure is over 3bar Check the overpressure safety valve
The stove leaks out smoke The stove should not be lit and needs maintenance
The stove is burning not hot enough (orange/red flame) Check if the forced chimney fan is on
The glass is cracked/broken See for replacement, if smoke stays in you can still fire it up
Water is flowing out of the radiators (bottom right) The failsafe system is activated, and will reset itself
Sensor if giving wrong temperature value Replace the Sensor