Sanne Groeneveld


Sanne Groeneveld during Odorama - Giulia Menicucci

Scent enthusiast Sanne Groeneveld (1977), joined the Odorama curatorial team as co-curator, next to Frank Bloem and Caro Verbeek. He is a fundraiser and musician with a background in art and a nose for everything olfactory.

Sanne studied documentary filmmaking at the St. Joost art academy in Breda and media-art at the AKI art academy in Enschede. On his frequent travels to eastern Europe, his fascination for the olfactory was sparked in the wine cellars of the Tokay region in Hungary. Since then he made sure to discover any region he visited, through the tastes and scents of local food culture. After Caro Verbeek introduced him to the first Odorama in 2015, he visited (nearly) every edition and became an amateur soap, and perfume maker. 

Sanne has primarily worked as a music producer, creating dance and dubstep with Peter Rutten as Bronstibock. He also worked as a producer for several bands, most notably Aux Raus since their formation in 2003. He currently works as a fundraising manager at the Reactie & Respons agency in Amsterdam.