Olfactory Wiki-Thon

With Maxwell Williams, Minetta Rogers, Simon Tooley / Etiket

21 Jul 2018

As part of our Open Smell Culture weekend, we organise a cross-atlantic international wiki-thon devoted to updating and creating olfactory pages. Writers, perfumer historians, social scientists and Wikipedia editors are invited to join one of our international hosts. We’ll bring clear instructions, drinks and snacks; you bring yourself, your laptop, and your pre-existing Wikipedia account log in information as Maxwell Williams leads a day long Wikipedia editing session. The goal is to fill out and update Wikipedia's information for perfumery, olfactory art, and more.

Free Attendance. Please register and RSVP here



Digitaal Ruiken tijdens de Olfactory Wiki-thon - De Olfactory Wiki-thon onder leiding van Maxwell Williams droeg bij aan de algemene kennis over geurcultuur in meer dan 25 nieuwe wikipedia pagina's waaronder die over 'Olfactory Art' en het 'Perfume Organ'. Ook werden beroemde parfumeurs zoals Alessandro Gualtieri en Christopher Brosius aan wikipedia toegevoegd. Saskia Wilson-Brown

About the Open Scourcing Smell Culture Program 

This Olfactory wiki-thon is part of the Open Sourcing Smell Culture weekend. It is a year-long collaborative program between the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Pochpac and Mediamatic that explores alternative attribution and sharing strategies for the perfume industry. The program will take the shape of workshops and working groups, and will culminate in 2019 with the publication of a set of recommendations for open source methodologies in scent creation, perfumery, and related practices.

We kick off the program with two events in July, 2018, as part of our month-long Art Olfaction Amsterdam program. On July 21, 2018, we team up with groups around the world to facilitate an international Wiki-thon dedicated to updating and creating pages related to olfactory practices and perfumery. At Mediamatic Maxwell Williams will lead us into a full day of Wikipedia editing. On July 28, 2018, there will be an Intellectual Property and Scent Workshop, where experts in the field of copyright and perfumery will come together to assess the landscape, and create program goals. 


Maxwell Williams - Saskia Wilson-Brown

Join Our Wiki-Thon 

If you have a suggestion for people, organizations, or processes that need pages created or updated, or if you would like to host a group in your city, please email The Institute for Art and Olfaction at

A few notes on the methodology:

We will only be assigning or suggesting pages for people or organizations of note (From Wikipedia: "To be worthy of inclusion in an encyclopedia, a subject must be sufficiently notable, and that notability must be verifiable through citations to reliable sources.")

We are not here for self-promotion: It is against Wikipedia’s guidelines to write about yourself, for instance, as it constitutes a conflict of interests.

This event will be streamed online, and international groups will be in communication through a live video feed.


Documenting Everything - Saskia Wilson-Brown, IAO


Wikipedia Editing Day
Sunday 21 July, 11:00 - 19:00
Tickets: Free with registration please RSVP here
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam



Onze sponsors voor Art Olfaction Amsterdam - Zomer 2018 Sponsors:  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie Dublab Pochpac IFF Partners:  Red Light Radio Universiteit Amsterdam

Our sponsors for Art Olfaction Amsterdam, Summer 2018


Leader: Maxwell Williams
Location: Mediamatic (Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam)
Date: Saturday July 21
Time: 11am – 7pm
Languages: Dutch and English
+ RSVP here

Leader: Simon Tooley / Etiket
Location: Never Apart (7049 Rue St-Urbain, Montreal, QC H2S 3H4)
Date: Saturday July 21
Time: 12 pm to 5 pm
Languages: French and English
+ RSVP at

Los Angeles
Leader: Minetta Rogers
Location: The Institute for Art and Olfaction (932 Chung King Road, Los Angeles CA. 90012)
Date: Saturday July 21
Time: 10am – 5pm
Languages: English and Spanish
+ RSVP at