Opening: Art Olfaction Amsterdam

Inhale the first scents of the summer

14 Jul 2018

Come and join us at the opening party of Art Olfaction Amsterdam on July 14th. Get nosey and meet the whole AOA team, train your nose in the aroma lab, or dance the night away! 



Opening Art Olfaction Amsterdam - Mediamatic en The Institute for Art and Olfaction bundelen hun krachten voor een zomerprogramma dat innovatieve vraagstukken rondom geur onderzoekt. Tijdens het vierweekse programma is The institute for Art and Olfaction uit Los Angeles  in residency bij Mediamatic. Maxwell Williams

Mediamatic and The Institute for Art and Olfaction team up for a summer program exploring innovative topics around olfaction. Over the course of a month, the IAO Los Angeles team will be in residence at Mediamatic in the first part of an ongoing research and programme on open scent culture and olfactory art. 


In our newly opened Aroma Lab, we hold visiting hours, Open sessions for some lightly-guided scent making, extensive perfume workshops, an olfactory Wiki Thon, an exploration into Sex Smells, an olfactory Game show and many more. See here for the complete overview of Art Olfaction Amsterdam events.