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Ricardo Moya has worked in the perfume industry for more than 20 years. He graduated from the Perfume Institute of Versailles (ISIPCA) and is now a Senior Perfumer at IFF Hilversum.

For Mediamatic Ricardo created Love & Tonic, a perfume inspired by an urge to party in the beautiful, flowery summer. The perfume was developed for our sensuous game around city planning; Het Parfum.

Ricardo Moya was the perfumer for Oswado Macia’s Under The Horizon; an olfactory-accoustic sculpture that aimed to make audience question the nature of our sense of smell and our inability to match the right picture with a smell. For this purpose, Ricardo composed the smell of carrots; something that often receives little attention. Together, Under The Horizon won the Sadakichi Award of the Art and Olfaction Awards 2018.

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