by Margherita Soldati

3 Nov 2018
1 Dec 2022

Is it allowed to touch the ceiling?

With Soffitto, Margherita Soldati proposes another way of experiencing the space around us by engaging with our senses. In the multi-sensorial installation, you can explore the architecture and find a surprise in the daily normalcy.

Next to the tactile surface of the installation, there is a scent and a soundscape that amplify the work.

The soundscape for the installation has been produced by Kamiel Rongen.


Soffitto - Anisa Xhomaqi

The Skin is an Extension of the Brain

Suffitto is part of a series of works that explore the relation that connects textile structure with the physical and social space. Margherita Soldati analyzes the boundaries between space, tactile perception, and textile surfaces. With these installations, she dives into new personal research on how to blur the line between the traditional function of surfaces and more stimulating encounters with our daily surroundings.

Margherita Soldati 

A few years ago Margherita found herself obsessed with manipulating textiles to create organic and repetitive shapes. When she applied them on pillows and simple objects for patients suffering from mental diseases (Alzheimer's, Dementia), she was surprised to realize how they could benefit from being stimulated by textile patterns. Therefore she started wondering how she could integrate textile and tactile surfaces in our life: the natural next step was to embrace the flexibility and malleability of the material to imagine new possibilities to alter standard architectural elements.


Exhibition: The Skin is an Extension of the Brain
Open during the opening hours of our restaurant

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
The installation is located in our toilets on the ground floor of Mediamatic Biotoop.