Sophie Throsby

Onzichtbare Collectie: 100 Untitled Works in Mil Aluminum, Donald Judd 1986

Hier wordt 100 Untitled Works in Mil Aluminum door Donald Judd beschreven door Conny Groenewegen. 


100 Untitled Works in Mil Aluminum, Donals Judd 1986 - sbmeaper1

Conny Groenewegen

Conny Groenewegen zooms in on the issues associated with industrial production and labor processes.
Her research traces back to the origins of methods: revealing and re-establishing the sparkle of manufacturing before the fashionable took its toll. She sheds a new light on production, whilst searching for what is essential and appropriate for organizations and brands. She does so by taking away barriers, preparing reinvigorated procedures for the next step, ready to interact with the world.
This summer, Conny Groenewegen has joined forces with Mediamatic to present a new edition of Fashion Machine; a space invading lab and interactive installation based on post-consumer fleece sweaters at Mediamatic.

100 Untitled Works in Mil Aluminum, Donald Judd 1986 / Verteld door Conny Groenewegen 2018