Meet Up: Isabel Burr Raty

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist

30 Apr 2019

The coming year, Isabel Burr Raty will be in residence at Mediamatic. She will be a regular attendee of the Mediamatic Biotoop with scheduled consults for you to attend. Exchange your ideas and sign up for a one on one with Isabel Burr Raty.

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Meet Up with Isabel -

For Whom?
The conversations with Isabel are meant for anyone who has a interest in art, sexual kung-fu, shamanism, Amerindian and Polynesian Cosmo-visions, Sci-Fi narratives, biology, agriculture, ecology, DIY technologies, taoism. Do not be surprised to end up in a conversation about the magic of female ejaculations or the autonomy struggles of indigenous nations. Isabel Burr Raty is a passionate artist developing beauty bio-products that she manufactures with human sexual fluids harvested in the Beauty Kit Farms and developing a film in Easter Island amongst other things.

Exchange your ideas
During the consults you will sit down with Isabel to discuss your ideas, practices, challenges, beliefs, work etc. The conversations will take place in the Mediamatic Biotoop - an open space for open minds and thorough thought exchange.

Isabel Burr Raty

Is a Belgian-Chilean independent filmmaker and performance artist. In her films, she brings the imaginative realisms of the eco-survivors and their subversive sense of chronology onto the screen. In her artistic research she interweaves new media, body/live art, lectures and participatory performance proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi. Isabel is currently an artist in residence in Amsterdam via the AFK 3 package deal and partnered with Mediamatic, De Waag and Prof. Toby Kiers (VU Amsterdam).

Sign up
You can sign up for the monthly meeting on 30 of April with Isabel by sending your request to:

You can book a single Meet Up of half an hour. If you want a Follow Up, you can schedule that on that day with the artists.