Flavia Terzian

Exhibition Assistant and Artist


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I have a real passion for observing and constructing art. I find myself evolved in creating immersive spaces, providing different platforms of social changes through an altered environment.  

Having worked with a range of professional and practicing artists I pursue to work in a collaborative and culturally divers environment. I find these creative hubs most simulating, as an artist and exhibition technician.

I combined my passion for creating geometric art with working as a exhibition technician. Initially volunteering at Northampton Museum & Art Gallery in the UK, assisted with setting up temporary exhibitions based on the museums archives. Here my knowledge in setting up exhibitions both admin and practically evolved. Allowing me to becoming a gallery technician for Spike Island gallery in Bristol, UK.

My artistic practice looks into the sacred and mathematical meaning behind shapes. By researching into the Bahuse movement as well as the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, in particular The Vitruvian Man, I came across the drawings of Biologist Ernst Haeckel.

This in turn brought me to Mediamtic in Amsterdam

Having been given the opportunity to be an Exhibition Intern is a great combination of what I like to do best. Collaborating with people to exhibiting art and science.


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