1983 - now

In 1983 our focus was on media technology: video art, installations and performance were the early core of our presentations, productions and magazine. In the 1990s it was interactive media. We won international prizes with interactive CD-ROMs and co-organised the legendary Doors of Perception conferences (1993 and 1994). We then developed into leading creators of interactive social media projects. Our exhibitions, workshops and symposiums reached and continue to reach a large and diverse audience. In 1994, Mediamatic.net went online and our website has since grown into an online social network where members and organisations can exchange ideas and projects.

Besides Mediamatic.net, we had an online travel agency and an online dating service. We developed interactive installations in the Mediamatic Atelier and we hosted a distributed library. These projects all dealt with the same question: how are new media changing our society? With new technology and social media come new social issues - and old issues in new forms that can be tackled with new tools. Art and audience participation, however, form the core of our practice. Examples of these projects are El HEMA, an Arabic version of HEMA, WatSpinoza?, a public debate that one could join online, in Amsterdam and in Kocaeli, and the Over Datum Eetclub, where we challenged the food industry's wasteful policies. Kom Je Ook? was a program of workshops and symposia concerned with new ways of working in the fields of art and heritage.