62 m2 / 15 - 28 individuals


Vibrant space amongst the plants

The Plantkamer is directly connected to the Haeckelkamer and situated next to the Aroma Lab. Under pink lights and a disco ball, this space can be used as break-out room, meeting space or reception.


Plantkamer view from the Haeckelkamer -


Setup Number of individuals
Meeting 15
Presentation 20
Reception 28

Extra possibilities and information

During the day the Plantkamer is filled with pinkish grow lights. For occasional atmospheric lighting, there is a disco ball in the middle of the space. There are three different permanent installations present in the Plantkamer: Het Parfum, The Skin is an Extension of the Brain and the Contemplative Bathtub. It is possible to extend the capacity of the space by renting the connected Haeckelkamer. This space can be used for live music and DJ performances.


Depending on your needs, we offer different services for image and sound. For example, a professional presentation with microphone and projector. Let us know what equipment you need for your presentation (laptop, connection, etc.).


This space can be arranged for presentation, reception or meeting purposes. We have our own tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Other furniture can be rented.


At Mediamatic we offer a wide range of services. If you are interested in an additional program we can also arrange several hands-on workshops, a guided tour of Mediamatic Biotoop or a customised event at our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN.


For more information or a tour around Mediamatic Biotoop, please send a mail with the subject: 'Rental' or 'Verhuur' to event@mediamatic.nl or call +31206389901. Provide us with the following information: amount of people, type of event, preferred date, time period, technical needs, catering needs or preferences.