120 m2 / 25 - 120 p.

Mediamatic ETEN

Restaurant and bar by the water.

Mediamatic ETEN is located in a beautifully spacious greenhouse. Located by the water with south-facing sun, this is an ideal setting for your event. The restaurant features an open kitchen and bar. Our cuisine is 100% plant-based and serves with regional and seasonal ingredients. This space is suitable for dinners, receptions and presentations.


Mediamatic ETEN during the day - This is a picture from 2017. We now completely reorganised the greenhouse and made sure everyone can dine at a safe distance. Anisa Xhomaqi


Type of event Amount of individuals
Dinner 60
Reception 100-120
Presentation In consultation

Additional information

For complete exclusivity of the bar, we ask for a minimum bar purchase in addition to the rental price. Thanks to the direct connection to the Haeckelkamer and the Tuinkamer, the capacity can easily be increased. We offer the possibility to moor with us and enter the greenhouse directly.


Depending on your needs, we can offer various options for image and sound, such as a professional presentation setup with microphone and beamer. Let us know what you need to present (laptop, connections, etc.).


This room can be set up in consultation for presentation, reception or meeting. We have our own beer tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small cloakroom. Other furniture can be rented.

Additional Options

At Mediamatic we offer an additional program. Ranging from inspiring workshops, tours to your own experiment. Read more about the possibilities here.


For reservations, more information or a tour mail: eve nt@mediamatic.nl or call +31206389901.

Include the following information: how many people, type of event, desired date, indication of duration, technical wishes, catering and other preferences.