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I am Ariana Amir Hosseini, born in 1994 in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, with Swiss and Iranian origins. I graduated in 2019 as an architect from the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), where I learned how to make all my concepts conrect. While in June 2022, I graduated with a master of arts in interior architecture at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in the Netherlands. 
Here I was able to research and explore the environment around us, analyse it and play with it. This allowed me to understand what kind of designer I would like to be:

I consider myself a spatial designer, one who wants to give experiences.  With my work I want to amaze people and give joy, colour, magic and happiness to everyone who will have to engage with my designs. I like to play, explore and challenge reality, figure out how to break the monotony and sometimes change perspective and imagine how a different world could be. 
I am very interested in piscology and how the environment influences user behaviour. I am convinced that the artificial and non-artificial environment that surrounds us has a great influence on our behaviour and motivation.  Therefore, as a designer, I feel a great responsibility towards people's well-being and what I produce I want it to be something good that motivates people and makes them happy.


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