Wild Carrot

Daucus carota

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Wild Carrot - Daucus carota Author:  Alvesgaspar

Daucus carota is a herbaceous biennial plant, growing up to 120 cm (Wikipedia)

The wild carrot is an aromatic herb that acts as a diuretic, soothes the digestive tract and stimulates the uterus. An infusion is used in the treatment of various complaints including digestive disorders, kidney and bladder diseases and in the treatment of dropsy. Carrot seeds can be abortifacient and so should not be used by pregnant women. To know more about this plant's properties and its uses: PFAF, Cretan Flora

At the beginning, carrots were mostly purple, but Dutch growers cultivated the orange carrot through selective breeding as a sweeter and less bitter variety. It was then adopted as a royal vegetable in honor of the House of Orange (Food Literacy Center). The plant (Queen Anne’s lace) is named after Queen Anne of Denmark, wife to King James I. It is said that some of the queen’s friends challenged her to create lace as beautiful as a flower, and while doing so, she pricked her finger and left a drop of blood in the center of the lace (Phillips, 2012).
Another interesting thought behind Queen Anne’s lace is the symbolism of the plant. The flowers are believed to represent sanctuary (The Herbal Academy)