Mentha x piperata

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Peppermint - Author: unknown


Mentha x piperita, or white peppermint, is a perennial in the lamiaceae or labiatae family. It grows to about 0.5m and is in flower from August-October. Peppermint prefers dappled shade and is a popular plant in gardens. 

White peppermint is a popular herbal remedy. It has been used in the treatment of headaches, fevers, and flatulence. Other digestive ailments for which peppermint is helpful are IBS and spastic colon. A lotion created with the plant can be applied externally to reduce sensitivity. Additionally an essential oil made from the leaves can be diluted and used as a chest rub for respiratory infections. Of course, peppermint is best known for its flavour. The leaves can be added to salads or cooked foods. An essential oil derived from the plant is used to flavour a plethora of other edible items. Besides being valued for its distinct taste, peppermint essential oil is also used in perfumery and as an added aroma to many household goods.