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Jonas Klinkenberg - Artist & Performer -

Profile of Jonas Klinkenberg, a Germany-based artist and performer. He is involved with Mediamatic's Olfactory History of Oosterdok upcoming exhibition, through the ongoing 'Private Dreams and Public Nightmare' research experiment. For more info, check out his online portfolio.

Jonas Klinkenberg (*1985, Gießen) studied Theater Studies and Linguistics at the University of Leipzig. He works in the field of participative arts, performance arts, dramaturgy and artistic conception and project management. He collaborated with the Swedish SU-EN Butoh Company (2006-2014), worked for the festival and congress "kultur | standort.bestimmung" (2015) and for the art festival "Raster.Beton" (2016).

Since 2008, Jonas Klinkenberg has been working for the Westflügel Leipzig, an international production centre for contemporary puppet theatre and visual theatre. He currently serves as a member of the Executive Board and is head of artistic direction.

Jonas Klinkenberg has given workshops in the field of performance and improvisation in recent years for various institutions, worked as a lecturer at the University of Leipzig, the Hochschule in Stuttgart and was published with scientific contributions in various publications. He works as a volunteer spokesman for the cultural policy initiative Leipzig plus Kultur.

His own artistic works include Dilemma. Eine begehbare Zwickmühle (political Escape Game, 2016, Leipzig), the performance series Kosmok (since 2015) the participative Installation neon palace (with Stefan Wenzel, 2017), DUST (Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Golden Delicious Ensemble, 2018, Dramaturgy), IMPRINT (Dekoltas Handwerk, 2019, Dramaturgy), Private Dreams & Public Nightmares (2019, Concept and Execution together with Jan Jedenak) as well as different Live-Roleplaying Games as Die Villa Morgenrot (2018/2019/2020), Ich halt den Kaffee für dich warm (2018) und Time for Applause (January 2020). He recently won the F.R.E.D. 2019, the german price for ground-breaking achievements in the field of Live-Roleplaying Games.

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