Amalia Calderón

Research intern


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I am a poet and artistic researcher based in Amsterdam. After graduating law & sociology, I pursued first a masters in the sociology of gender and sexuality, and now a research masters in artistic research. My research interests often revolve around spatial justice, the limits between law and poetry, feminist posthumanism and alternative rights.

Here at Mediamatic, my role as a researcher for the Fake Ecologies project is centered around the exploration of sustainable art practices that -instead of contributing to the profitable discourse of greenwashing/artwashing- provide effective action. Beyond awareness and dialectics, we try to understand the responsibility of artists in times of planetary crisis.

Other current projects include the presentation of my thesis findings at the Night Scenes UCL conference, designing the UvA undergraduate course "Posthuman in the Anthropocene", and collaborating at the Gift Science Archive with If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution and Sands Murray-Wassink in their one-year performative archiving.

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