Botanikurs 101: Out of the Pot - Epiphytes

with Monai McCullough

The root system of a plant constantly provides the stems and leaves with water and nutrients. Often we see houseplants in pots to support its delicate roots, however, there are many different types of roots systems in the plant world including plants without any roots at all.


Staghorn -

What you will do

An epiphyte (/ˈɛpɪfʌɪt/) is a specific organism that grows on the surface of other plants and gets it moisture and nutrients from the air and rain, while causing no damage to its host plant. In this workshop participants will learn about epiphytical houseplant species, root systems, and common houseplants that are epiphytical including staghorn ferns, orchids and air plants. You will learn how to care for them, and how to turn Staghorn Ferns into your own low maintenance living decoration. Be prepared to take home a fairly large plant.

Botanikurs 101

Botanikurs 101 is a series of workshops and classes focused on plants. We invite you to learn and explore the life of plants and its systems as well as master taking care of your plants at home. This program covers topics from repotting and plant pests to cuttings. Curious about how to become a better plant parent? Have a look at our workshop program to unlock the secrets of the green world and more.


Monai McCullough is an indoor plant expert from New York City passionate about sustainable and chemical free care alternatives. She decided to move to Amsterdam to launch her business PLANTMOM, blending her plant expertise and enthusiasm to help people develop more confidence in plant care.


Workshop: Botanikurs 101: Out of the Pot - Epiphytes
Duration: 1,5 hours

Price: €50 /person

Price for artists/students group: €39 /person

This workshop will be given in English.