The reason for creating the Clean Lab at our Dijksgracht location was primarily to create a lab space large enough and suitable for the growing tide of artists wanting to expand their work into biological fabrication. A lot of existing scientific research labs were not set up to allow for this kind of activity. Here at Mediamatic, we would provide a lab space especially for artists and the public rather than only scientists in order to actively make space for cross-pollination.


Inflated Clean Room - Rob van der Burg is cooking the straw substrate for the 3D printed canal house.


Our first cleanroom was built for the ‘Paddestoelen Paradijs' Exhibition with a permanent structure, including glass walls. (Location: Vijzelstraat)


Designing a portable metal structure with an inflatable plastic tent attached was deemed more appropriate for the new Mediamatic space. (Location: VOC-kade)


Modeling of a spacious, durable, and entirely inflatable plastic tent. Development also of a ‘grey room,’ to separate the entrance from the cleanroom for activities such as changing clothes. The clean bench surface was divided into four cabinets in order to avoid cross-contamination between the different lab projects. (Location: VOC-kade)


Use of the inflatable clean room could no longer support the scale of work desired at the new Mediamatic premises. Plans drawn up for an improved workspace and the area cleared for refurbishments. (Location: Biotoop Dijkspark)

Under the cover of winter and the large green external facade of the ‘Clean Lab’ at the Mediamatic Biotoop Dijkspark, many changes occurred. The Mediamatic clean lab has been undergoing refurbishment operations since November 2015 in order to create a lab space that is of high quality with a sterile air supply.