Waew Jeeraphat Voraphotmuangman

Founder of the Waew Food Program

Waew (Jeeraphat Voraphotmuangman), is a creative artist and chef who aims at combining art and food in order to create powerful experiences and messages for the public. Waew has developed the Waew Food Program, a restaurant where she personally cooks Thai food, together with the idea that food and art performance can be combined. In all her various works she emphasizes the need to bring the integrity and value of Thai cuisine more into the eye of the public. Currently, she is working on the Thai Sauna Installation where she incorporates the traditional Thai sauna experience with cooking and is in the process of experimenting with how to make it entirely sustainable.

Have a look at this video for more information.

The Waew Food Programme is a practical economical installation in which Waew cooked Thai food every Wednesday for a period of 2 months at Wall Street Eindhoven (centre for art, food and alternative economics). The Waew Food programme advocates an economical model more based on subtle values and less based on money.

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