Essential Eau de Cologne

Online Workshop with Frank Bloem

28 Apr 2021

Imagine the smell of an Italian spring morning, of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain. This is how Giovanni Maria Farina, the creator of Eau de Cologne described his creation while residing in his new hometown, Cologne.

Join this online workshop to create this legendary perfume at home, and get your nose into the long history and evolution of this smell from the 18th century. 

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Eau de Cologne online workshop - blending a perfume at home - Nadine Schütz

With: Frank Bloem

What you will do

In this online workshop you will make your own Eau de Cologne with the instruction of perfume artist Frank Bloem. You will receive a complete composition kit at home, which includes all the perfume making material, like bottles and blotters, and a short shopping list of fresh ingredients. 

You get an introduction into perfume making, and learn about methods of extraction and layering of smells. You will then start to make your own tincture for scent extraction, that will be ready one week later. One week after the workshop you can use your tinctures to blend your own Eau de Cologne perfume following one of the original recipes. 

While composing, Frank will also introduce you to the history and evolution of the famous perfume, from its humble beginnings as a medicine, to Napoleon's favourite perfume, to it's re-emergence as a trendy scent in the 21st century.

Frank Bloem

Frank Bloem is an artist who uses scent as his primary medium. He studied Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academy. In the summer of 2016, Frank changed his focus from visual art to olfactory-based works and started The Snifferoo. This perfume laboratory is a place for education and experiments around scent. He made several personalized perfumes, hosts scent workshops, and works on artist scent-projects. In his 2019 artistic project for the Embassy of the North Sea, Frank collected 40 scents from and around Dutch coast, which culminated in the release of the perfume, Zeelucht, in 2020. (the smell of the north-sea) 


Full price €70* | Discount* €50
*Ticket includes 24€ worth perfumery kit and postal fee within the Netherlands. 
EU residents outside of the Netherlands will be asked to pay an additional fee for postage.

*We give a discount to students, artists and Stadspas holders. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone within the EU can join this workshop. Because we send the composition kits by mail, residents of the Netherlands can buy a ticket till 5 days before the workshop. If you are living in another country then please contact us at least 2 weeks before the workshop. When you sign up to buy a ticket, please makes sure to fill in your postal address, so we know where to send the package to. 


28th of April, 18:30-21:00
We maintain a minimum of 8 participants.
Unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
For questions please e-mail

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