Knowledge Page


Wiring, printer and PC

In this folder you will find information about the evaluator and it's connected elements, such a wiring, the printer and the PC.



Check the printer for paper regularly. From time to time the box under will need to be checked for new punchcards as well.
Check the document 'troubleshooting' incase one of the elements doesn't work.


De evaluator is located outside next to the bar. This machine can calculate the outcome of the visitor's punch card by sticking the card into the machine. The printer just inside the bar will then automatically print out their result.

The PC that is connected to the evaluator and printer is to be found in the storageroom located right next to the Haeckelroom. You don't have to log into the system to have it work properly. In case you want to log in anyway, the actual password and username is to be found on the passwordpage.

The computer has to be restarted every morning to keep his connection with the evaluator. This task is to be found on the instructions for the barstaff (see document below). There is an easy way to check whether the evaluator is connected by looking at its infoscreen. The dotted square with the text "Steek uw kaart in A.U.B." means that it's working. If not, there will be a clock on the screen. 


The wiring runs underneath floor of the bardoors.