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My name is Eszter Jámbor, and I love to capture moments. It sounds cliché but let me explain! Have you ever looked at the stars or the moon? Have you ever tried to capture them? Have you ever been disappointed that you can't grasp what your eyes can see? I know the feeling, and I also know that it requires only some technical knowledge and gear to make it look even more beautiful than you can imagine. That drives me and motivates me to learn and learn more. I've got my first camera when I was 14. A Canon 600d. I used it a lot but never levelled up my gear which led me to be unmotivated. I learned the technical basics of photography. In 2019, I moved to a different country alone, and I had time to think. I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. What is my dream job? This is creating something new. Photos, videos, illustrations. 

At Mediamatic, I helped represent the activities of the art centre. I made sure all the important moments and emotions were captured. Apart from creating content, my responsibility consists of market analysis and social media marketing to produce the most effective and applicable visuals for Mediamatic's community.

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