Nelke Mast

Multidisciplinary Artist


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Nelke Mast (she/they), alias Nelly Dansen, is a 22-year young multi-disciplinary artist from Frysia currently residing in Amsterdam. With a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design and a range of extracurricular diplomas (including sewing, screen printing, ceramics, and soon stained-glass!) makes Nelly Dansen a witch of many tricks.

Being a child of punks made it intuitive to follow a path of autodidactic learning. With a broad scale of interests and hunger for knowledge, Nelly is fire and flames for experiments with new ideas and materials. Going to unknown territories feels like a natural journey. This makes her ready to fail and get right back up on the horse again (yeehaw!).

Their graduation exhibition ‘Love in the digital age’ is an example that reflects this interest and method. Shaped into a multi-sensory exhibition, it encouraged interaction from its visitors with an installation that required physical participation. Graduating with a 9.2 and a nomination for best thesis of the year made it a personal success.

Within their practice, Nelly Dansen makes a symbolical toolset to explore the borders between The Normal and The Abnormal with an aim to eventually break down behavioral restrictions that are imposed on us. This is primarily driven by their yearning for internal and external self-exploration and a curiosity for dissecting how they can add value to the world as a queer woman.

Themes like autonomy, eco-feminism, and digitization collide in an eclectic multi-disciplinary manner accompanied with intertextuality, humor, and a sense of Joie de Vivre. Combined with their passion for fashion and multi-sensory experience it all merges into one realm. This makes Nelly Dansen ready to make the mundane in ‘the everyday’ exciting and is always able to find energy to get up to no good.

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