Nelke Mast

Multidisciplinary Artist


Beftival portrait Nelke Mast - Collaborator of Beftival Caroline Aravicius

With: Nelke Mast

'Nelke Mast (alias NELLY DANSEN) is a 23-year-old multidisciplinary artist currently studying for a Master of Artscience at KABK. Nelke’s practice is primarily characterised by researching erotic capital and trying to understand how her position, as a queer woman with a female-coded body, in this world can add value. Madonna vs. whore complex? NELLY tries to crack the code, by proving in her daily life that you can be both. Therefore, some call her an anthropologist who researches in the field. Being a child of punks shaped NELLY to work in a D-I-Y manner. This is accompanied by her love for intertextuality, humour, and a sense of Joie de Vivre. NELLY DANSEN always finds the energy to get up to no good. Or, to all the good there is!'

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