Simon Marsiglia


Portrait of Simon Marsiglia -

Simon Marsiglia is an Amsterdam-based Swedish maker of contemporary adornments in all shapes and forms. He holds a BA from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

It is impossible, no, irrelevant, to attempt to describe Simon’s creations through the singular lens of jewellery, sculpture or fashion. He is a spinner of experiences and a creator of wondrously strange alien rabbits and glossy pink ‘neck breakers’. The New York Times referred to Simon’s work as ‘outré adornments that look more like phone headsets or odd facial spores’ in connection to the exhibition ‘Non-Stick Nostalgia’ at the Museum of Arts and Design.

Simon stands in staunch opposition to the gem-on-a-white-background display phenomenon, as he believes that all adornments require context to come to life. He practices alternative methods of world-building to present his works IRL and online. Simon intends to bring fantastic elements to the field of fashion by inhabiting the grey zone between wearable object and sculpture.