Sept - Dec 2021

Josie Dibnah

Events and Programming Assistant


Josie at Mediamatic - Photo credits: Eszter Jámbor

While working with Mediamatic, I consolidated skills in the coordination, delivery and evaluation of arts events (from small-scale intern presentations to a week-long programme during Dutch Design Week). I was the volunteer co-ordinator for Inhuman Carnaval and BEFtival, event manager for Feminism Odorama and Blogger Barcamp, and assisted the production of our winter Gentle Disco.

My time at Mediamatic has been characterised by working in numerous roles and learning plenty of useful skills (including installing electric sockets, hedge maintenance and dressing as a beetle!) Beyond these essential tasks, I held responsibility for our team of interns and volunteers during one of our busiest exhibitions, and learnt a great deal about the installation and production of various events, programmes and workshops.

For Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week, I was appointed Volunteer Coordinator, and organised our communication, hiring and training of volunteers. As Floor Manager for part of the week, I was responsible for organising tours of the exhibition, explaining the artworks, and assigning roles and responsibilities to our intern team. I was the main point of contact for several artists and freelancers, and solved any logistical problems which arose.

During my time at Mediamatic I assisted several workshops, including Foraging for Mental Health and Freestyle Kintsugi. I supported our monitoring and evaluation process of workshops to inform development for future projects. Throughout these months, I was also involved with website and content production, blog writing and exhibition research. 

Beyond Mediamatic, I recently graduated from my Masters in Identity and Integration at the UvA. Before living in Amsterdam I studied Literature, Language and Culture in Edinburgh, Toulouse and Lisbon. Over the summer of 2021 I researched community organisations (with a particular focus on arts spaces, festivals and carnivals) in the Southside of Glasgow.

The work I have been involved with so far has been mostly in grassroots organising and education. I am motivated to work with community arts projects, and to focus on making the creative sector more accessible, inclusive and relevant.



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