Jinnie Ahn

Visual creator


Beftival portrait Jinnie - Collaborator of Beftival Caroline Aravicius

With: Jinnie Ahn

Jinnie Ahn is a visual creator who is currently studying transformation design; Her project is loosely invested in expanding her emotional journey as a human being in an unfamiliar atmosphere. She expanded her world with several years of international upbringing in various countries. As a stranger, her artistic view towards society widens, and she likes to step back to observe the world.

For Beftival, along with Julia Leis Lap she created a video that shows the oversexualisation of the animal body to sell it as food. This causes a new level of degradation and objectification of the animal/women’s body as it is sold as something men are entitled to eat and abuse. Using the heteronormative perspective of the viewer and the viewed, they took inspiration from the over-saturated, endless advertisements that are guilty of this oppressive topic.

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