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Sieta van Horck is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of ecology, technology, spirituality and embodiment. In her installations, meditation lectures, gatherings and rituals she combines emerging science with ancient wisdom to explore the shift from the age of newtonian physics to the new paradigm of inter-being.

She uses technology as a language to investigate the subtle layers of living organisms and explore human intuitive embodied knowledge. Technology becomes a tool to provide insight into the natural functioning of living organisms and to create connections between the internal world of experience and the external environment.
To make visible the world beyond the five senses.

Her work is inspired by ecofeminism, radical inclusivity and art activism. Her interactive experiments invite to perceive beyond analytic thinking and allow to directly experience a new realm of being - an interconnected unified field of interbeing where multispecies are constantly communicating and collaborating.

Not mere speculating - but rather rehearsing and embodying the new age that is dawning on this Earth.

Her work aims to create a shift in perception that allows to shift our relationship to ourselves, others and the earth.

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